School Life

School life section is designed as a Campus tour for prospective students. You will see how our School functions, our facilities, students and life in our campus. Meet our teachers & administrative representatives to learn more about our rules of conduct, curriculum, expectations from you as a parent and understand why Marian suits best for you.

Event and Traditions

At Marian School, we observe festivals, events & traditions that celebrate the vibrant multi ethnic community India is made of, in addition to events that are part of our cultural identity as people of Kerala.

Our School’s Annual Day is the grandest of all events culminating a years worth of events, Independence Day, Sports Day and other important occasions observed Nation wide are also celebrated.

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Traditions & Festivals

Our Students are taught to be secular in observing multicultural traditions & cultures and develop a tolerant & benevolent attitude from early on

Socio - Cultural Values

A healthy society treats it elders with care & affection, for we are what we are, because of them. Among many occasions observed, Parents & Grandparents Day is one where children understand aging, love & gratitude towards our elders. 



Marian School, operates a fleet of 5 Buses for our student’s commute. A well maintained transport infrastructure operated by trained professional drivers & students accompanied by staff ensure safe commute for all our students at a nominal cost.


Our School campus has a small cafeteria for students to purchase snacks & refreshments. Students are generally encouraged to bring their own food.

Campus Infrastructure

Marian School is well equipped with spacious classrooms, computers, modern labs, smart board classrooms, 24/7 power & water facilities, CCTV security installations, Transportation Infra and more. We are proud to be a school with one of the best infrastructure, thanks to our management’s constant upgradation of facilities for the well being our students & staff.

Parent Testimonials

Read about heart warming testimonials from parents of our students about our school, how we handled the pandemic, and what they most appreciate about us as an institution.