Health & Wellness – A Holistic Approach

Physical & Mental Wellness


All types of Indian Philosophical systems both asthika and nasthika follow the principles and practices of Yoga. It’s a way of life. Yoga Practice helps to improve immunity, mental prowess & overall health conditions of an individual. At Marian, students are given exposure to Yoga early on, making it part of their lifestyle.

Psychological Support & Counselling

Professional Counselling

Marian School places emphasis on the well being of its students. Although a child’s support system consists of parents, family members, friends & teachers, having access to a professional psychologist on campus, helps them handle a variety situations with ease and confidence. Dr. Mereen Punen our counselling psychologist acts as counselor for our students

Cultural & Social Education

Value Education

Our school students are exposed many types of learning beyond curriculum, sports, arts and more. In addition to them, we also inculcate traditional cultural values that are symbolic of our country, national unity day, world humanitarian day, anti-drug day to name a few.We also observe grandparents day and encourage students to express gratitude and celebrate our previous generation for getting us where we are today.

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